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TM Article 9

Time Management Flexibility Leads to Massive Stress-Reduction

by Rajen Devadason

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.

Auguste Rodin

  Many of us are not patient. In this regard, I consider myself worse than most.

Thankfully, I married well. My wife Rachel is incredibly patient - which is a prerequisite for putting up with me! And because of her influence, I've become slightly better at dealing with life's unavoidable hiccups.

Since time management is crucial for long-term career success, I thought you might find the following tip helpful in accomplishing more and staying calmer.








Please answer this question: Do you consistently over-book your days?

Most of us would have to say yes. Well, over the years I've found - quite ironically - that fighting the tendency to cram too many activities into each day's agenda actually allows me to get more things of long-lasting importance done.

This is an article on introducing flexibility in personal daily time management. I hope you enjoy reading it. But if it isn't what you're looking for, you're welcome to search for something that better meets your needs. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.

Rajen Devadason

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To best illustrate this, here's a true story...

My wife and I live near - very near! - a top-ranked primary school. Every school day afternoon, from about 1:40 p.m., there is a terrible crush of cars illegally parked all around our home as parents pick up their children. Almost without fail, someone will park right in front of our home and selfishly stop us from entering or leaving.

There have been many times I've returned home in the afternoon and completely blown my top. It isn't a pretty sight!

I won't dwell on the specifics but each time that happens I feel my blood pressure soar. Well, recently, I figured out a way to break my personal pattern of outrage leading to inner rage. Here's what happened:

I had gone to the dentist and found out I needed root canal treatment on yet another tooth. After that, I drove home. Thankfully, it was just before 1:30 p.m. and while the traffic was building up, I was able to open my gate and drive into the compound.

My plan had been to get my briefcase and a few papers and head to the office. As I prepared to leave, I peeked out the window and saw the familiar sight of a locked, parked car blocking my exit.

For a moment I entertained the idea of storming outside and either yelling (I'm told I have an oddly strong pair of lungs) or blaring my car horn until the offending parent rushed back and moved her (it's usually the mothers who are the worst offenders during these episodes) vehicle.

Then I caught myself and decided to do something that was more in keeping with my wife Rachel's patient temperament than my own more volatile one. Realising the traffic would eventually clear, I opted to pour myself a cool, soft drink, listen to some music and have a shower!

The reason I was able to do so was that on the particular Wednesday in question, I had not overbooked myself and had the luxury of shifting things around within my agenda. Half an hour later, the offending car was gone, traffic was clear and I was able to leave. But the greatest benefit of all was that I left feeling good about not having over reacted in keeping with some of my more abrasive character traits.

The broader time management lesson to extract from this true account is not that taking a shower raises effectiveness. It is that we should try our best to align our daily scheduled tasks to the major goals of our lives. Because, by definition, we can only have few major goals, we should try to create space between each task so that we have added flexibility to move non-time sensitive but nonetheless vital tasks around in case of unexpected occurrences.

(If you need specific help with goal-setting, then read this ebook. On the other hand, if you desire broad-based time management help, pick Unshackled from this page, instead.)

A major life goal each of us must cultivate is to become a lifelong learner. Since most of us spend lots of time in our cars, often between 500 and 1,000 hours a year, there is a high probability that we will be stuck in traffic jams for perhaps 20% to 30% of that time. It is vital, therefore to turn your vehicle into a university on wheels. In my case, I have a 10-CD changer in my car that is usually fully loaded with CDs on financial planning, goal-setting, time management, personal development, vocabulary building and other relevant audio content. I also always have a book or two in my briefcase in case I end up waiting for my next appointment.

You get the idea... Life is to be lived to the full. We spend a major chunk of our waking hours working. I believe we owe it to ourselves to figure out creative ways to enhance our holistic experience of life itself.

After all, the few decades we have on Earth are God's gift to us, and we truly only pass this way but once. (If you're 100% committed to becoming way, way, way better at time management, then you might want to get, read and study my time management ebook Unshackled! 7 Ways to Make Time for MY Dreams.

© Rajen Devadason

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