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Rajen Devadason

Rajen Devadason is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and publisher of GET BETTER, a free weekly ezine designed to help people all over the world aim for and achieve greater personal effectiveness. Rajen is also a Malaysian Securities Commission-licensed financial planner attached to MAAKL MUTUAL Bhd.

His growing list of carefully researched and written ebooks and eReports contains easy- and quick-to-read works that are designed to benefit busy people living lives of quiet desperation. Many such people wake up each morning convinced that there has to be something better in life. There is!

Rajen's burning mission in life is to help people take better care of their time, money, talent, and other resources, so they regain a sense of firm control over their lives.

As CEO of RD Book Projects and RD WealthCreation his work involves consultancy, writing and training.

Rajen graduated with an honours degree in Physics and Computing from King's College, University of London. He has lived and worked in the US, the UK and Singapore. He makes his home now, with his gorgeous wife Rachel Devadason, in sunny, peaceful Malaysia.

Between 1990 and 1994, Rajen was a journalist with Malaysian Business magazine, where he won both local and international awards for incisive business journalism. As the Malaysian winner of the Citibank Pan-Asia Business Journalism Award, he joined an elite team of other national winners from countries across Asia and Latin America, in 1994, for an extended seminar in New York's Columbia University, with working trips to the World Bank, the New York Federal Reserve Bank and the White House.

After leaving Malaysian Business magazine in mid 1994 - for vastly more money, but sadly less satisfaction! - he joined Standard Chartered Securities as an equities analyst. He left there in late 1995, and joined Smart Investor magazine, initially as its features editor in Singapore and then as the first editor of its fledgling Malaysian edition in 1996.

Rajen wrote his first book, Your A-Z Guide to the Stock Market, in 1997. He then co-authored Financial Freedom - Your Guide to Lifetime Financial Planning with Edmond Cheah, Wong Boon Choy and Alex Sito, all of Public Mutual Bhd, in 1998. That book and its 2000 sequel Financial Freedom 2 - Through Malaysian Equities and Unit Trusts raised more than RM800,000 for numerous Malaysian charities. 

During the Financial Freedom writing hiatus of 1999, he co-wrote and edited the political bio The Sabahan - The Life and Death of Tun Fuad Stephens.

His fifth book Liberty! From Debt-Slave to Money Master was published by media and technology solutions group I-2 Media in 2002.

Since 1998, Rajen has taught a compulsory course to new journalists of The Star, Malaysia's leading English daily. The course, Business News Writing, consistently includes a lively discussion on the mechanics of a stock ramp and a tie-in with The Greater Fool Theory, a concept explored in great depth in Financial Freedom 2

A popular theme in his ongoing writing on financial planning is the awesome power of compounding - to heed or hinder - the accomplishment of key financial goals.

Rajen is a member of MENSA UK, the US-based Financial Planning Association, the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia, the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers, and the International Federation for Professional Speakers.

Information on hiring him as a professional speaker can be found here.

While his intake of new personal consulting clients is done on a very selective basis, you're welcome to drop him a line with a query at rajen@RajenDevadason.com (Please make sure you clear yourself through his spam filtering service Spam Arrest; otherwise, your message will not reach him.)




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Rajen Devadason, CEO RD WealthCreation Sdn Bhd & RD Book Projects
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