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From Debt-Slave to Money Master


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Hi, my name is Rajen Devadason. I wrote this book for you specifically -

If you've been struggling with debt for a long time...

And if you really want to get out of debt someday...

But if you don't know how to put in place a strategy for doing so today!

Does all that apply to you?

In case you're still interested, here's what a few readers have to say about this fun-to-read, easy-to-understand book that's been written from a Malaysian perspective. It contains powerful principles and strategies that apply beyond national boundaries and across continental divides!

An excellent book for those who have to live with debt but find that debt always threatens to overwhelm them. Rajen, from personal experience, highlights his day-to-day worries on how to deal with debt and how to overcome it.
Edmond Cheah
Past President Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM)


Sound advice and well-written. Rajen's book is for everybody. Read it and prosper.

Christopher Boyd
Executive Chairman Regroup Associates (Property Consultants)


A very useful and practical book on planning and achieving your financial freedom. Rajen has provided an interesting insight on how to save yourself from the shackles of debt.

Charles Raj
Editor Malaysian Business magazine  


Liberty! is a deceptive book: It is simple-to-read without being simplistic in nature. It is light in weight, while heavy in content. And, frankly, I think any Malaysian financial planner would be doing his clients a huge service by communicating the truths, principles and strategies contained in this gem. Considering the number of friends I have who would have been better off if Rajen Devadason had written this book 10 years ago, all I can say is, "Better late than never!"

Tunku Ya'acob Tunku Abdullah
Founding President Financial Planning Association of Malaysia



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