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Do you need to understand the Stock Market better? Then, read...

Your A-Z Guide to the Stock Market

and all you need to know about Capital Terms


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Hi, my name is Rajen Devadason. This book holds a special place in my heart because it is the very first I ever wrote! It was published way back in 1997 and has become both a collector's item because of its current rarity and a mainstay of many personal libraries because of its accessible format.

The book contains 1,001 entries aimed at helping readers deal with the often intimidating jargon of the financial markets.

Tell me, do weird sounding terms like ascending tops, samurai bonds, naked options and back-door listings keep you awake at night wondering what on Earth they mean?

If so, this book has all those answers plus much more.


Your A-Z Guide to the Stock Market provides a useful introduction to understanding the financial world and capital markets. A dictionary is an essential guide to anyone wishing to be specific and accurate in the use of terminology. Your A-Z Guide to the Stock Market provides that tool in the realm of finance and capital.
Tun Daim Zainuddin
Former Finance Minister of Malaysia


Rajen Devadason has successfully written a book for those easily intimidated by the A to Z terminology of the capital market... It is a valuable, concise and easy reference for today's investors.

Nathan Balakrishnan
Former General Manager of Southern Unit Trust Management Bhd


Your A-Z Guide to the Stock Market is a useful and handy reference to explain the sometimes confusing jargon of financial markets, particularly stock markets. (Former) journalist Rajen Devadason has admirably handled the tedious task of collecting, collating and checking information to produce a piece of work which both the layman and the professional will find useful. Just skimming through the book is an education of sorts in the financial markets.

P. Gunasegaram
Former Editor Malaysian Business magazine  


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