5 Steps To A Saner Life


Does your life seem filled with more 'down' episodes than 'ups'?

Do you often get depressed for long periods?

Do you often feel like giving up?

Then, read on to see if the contents of this unique ebook are relevant to your situation...


“What a great read, I loved every page. In this easily readable and practical ebook, there are five wonderfully explained strategies to lead a saner life with action plans for each one. My advice, buy it today, read it and do it....”



Frank Furness


International Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer, and Author




Here's what Robyn Pearce, an international time management specialist from New Zealand, says about 5 Steps to a Saner Life:

"Rajen, this is an excellent and very practical workbook. Anyone who wants to access greater power in their life will get value from study and application of it.

It's easy to read, easy to apply, and immensely practical."


One warning, though: This ebook is not for everyone!

The following types of people will not benefit from it:

  1. Those who don’t realise that investing in themselves is the BEST investment anyone can make;
  2. Those unwilling to take the profound, but clearly communicated, lessons and APPLY them; and
  3. Those who are generally apathetic and lazy.

Still reading? Good for YOU!

To benefit from 5 Steps to a Saner Life, you MUST:

  1. Crave to make something out of your life;
  2. Be able to think for yourself;
  3. Be willing to read and later reread this ebook several times; and
  4. Be able to follow easy, clearly prescribed steps.

If you’re still reading, I suspect it is because you are DEEPLY interested in learning quick, practical, powerful steps for moving from where you are to where you want to be!

5 Steps to a Saner Life contains easily digestible instructions that have been distilled from 25 years of thought, practice, mistakes and hard-won victories. The price I (who am I?) have paid to be able to communicate the lessons in this book has been high. But the rewards for learning those lessons WELL have been astronomical.

These 5 Steps have made a drastic, positive difference in my life, and the lives of many personal consulting clients, readers and listeners who look upon me as a mentor.

By living and then teaching these 5 Steps, I have been able to communicate genuine value into the lives of many people.

Why do I say that?

At different times of our lives, those of us who live in relatively wealthy countries tragically still suffer from:

bulletTime poverty
bulletFinancial woes of our own making, and
bulletA debilitating lack of personal direction

The great thing about 5 Steps to a Saner Life is that within one brief hour of buying their very own copies many readers are able to BEGIN USING what is taught here to first help themselves, and then very quickly to help those who matter to them!

(There is no better feeling than knowing your life has gained true significance by helping others ESCAPE those three ailments. That's how my readers, clients and I feel, and I suspect it is how you CAN begin to feel soon.)

The information in this ebook is valuable. And, in the right mind, invaluable!

So, the only relevant question right now is, do you want to live...

- a happier,

- more joyful,

-  far saner life?

I can't answer that question for you, although I probably could hazard a pretty good guess!

I care enough to want to enable as many time-starved people as possible who crave to live happier, more joyful, far saner lives, to own this book and to read it profitably.

That's why it is INTENTIONALLY devoid of fluff and fat.  And why its price from this page is far below its normal price! Plus, your initial reading should only take about an hour!

But to get maximum value, you must reread it at least five times more over the coming two months. That's six one-hour readings over the next 8 weeks. You should then reread it when necessary (at least three more times in the ensuing 10 months), and make it a point to practise at least one of the 5 STEPS each day of the coming year.

Are you willing to pay that PRICE to help yourself? If not, please stop reading.

If you're still reading, then I'll assume you want to buy this ebook.

Please DON'T!

Unless, that is, you are willing to work. You must do the exercises, which are intentionally brief, but powerful!

If you do buy it, without being willing to pay the price of personal application, it will end up being a waste of your money, and a tremendous waste of two-and-a-half decades of my experience and thought.

If you are serious about buying 5 Steps to a Saner Life - HOW TO Escape a Lousy Present for an AWESOME Future! you're invited to do so now at an amazing discount from its original official price...

I want to buy 5 Steps to a Saner Life at a steep discount!