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If you did Tick YES, then you'll want to incorporate many key
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Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Let me get straight to the point.

Every single time management system is different. Obviously you need to pick the one that best suits your requirements, don't you?

So, to make your job a little easier, I've put this list together for you:

Warning: Do NOT buy any time management system
unless it meets the following 6 criteria

As you may have discovered by now, in the course of your research, there's a lot of confusion surrounding the field of time management. So, what I want to do here is give you 6 criteria you should always insist upon!

The time management system you adopt should...

1: Be capable of helping you with urgent short-term time challenges and important long-term time goals.

2: Be deeply principle-centred so it doesn't merely provide shoddy, shallow band-aid help that fades away quickly, but rather gives you help that can potentially yield fruit for many decades to come.

3: Be easy to understand and even easier to communicate to those you want to teach its core lessons to.

4: Be worthy of taking up permanent residence in your library for useful long-term usage and reference.

5: Be able to grant you the skills needed to help you enhance your dollars-and-cents economic value in the marketplace... possibly making it feasible for you aim to elevate your after-tax income by six-fold in 7 years.

6: Be simple to use as a jumping off point to deeper learning in the wide field of time management.


Frankly, you'll need all six characteristics in your chosen time management system IF you'd like to reduce your on-the-job stress, enjoy far greater returns on all future investments of your time, and once and for all destroy that hateful cycle we all know too well... of starting many things but seldom finishing anything!

The time management system I'm going to talk about here, may or may not be the best one for you. But I do know that it perfectly meets the needs of people who are under extreme time pressure to perform. I know this because I designed it to meet ALL 6 of the selection criteria you just read about. Oh, by the way, my name is Rajen Devadason and I'm a financial planner, author and professional speaker.

Now, in case you're thinking this is just your run-of-the-mill Internet marketing spiel, with lots of talk and little content, here are...

...Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: Despite being reasonably smart, I've made almost every life management and money management mistake you can imagine! To climb out of the hole I dug for myself meant having to internalise certain time management lessons that were practical, easy to apply and, most important of all, actually worked! I didn't care where I looked for them - you see I needed usable knowledge in my time of need... NOT some clever sounding theoretical treatise on time management out of a college textbook. This was the deal in my life back in 1994: To keep the wolves at bay and thus avoid total personal oblivion, I had to rapidly raise my economic value and my personal value in the marketplace by a minimum of three-fold.

Reason two: Well, as it turned out, I did quite a bit better than that! What I'm going to share with you here, I do not do to brag but rather to confide in you that regardless of how badly in need you may be now of successfully appropriating the BENEFITS of TIME MANAGEMENT... there is hope! Today, I'm married to a wonderful lady, am a qualified and licensed financial planner, am a serial-author (my book count's currently up to 9), and regularly write and publish a free personal development ezine called GET BETTER that's read across the globe by thousands of subscribers who want to learn about time management, financial planning and goal-setting from, of all people, me!

Reason three: I teach my elite personal mentorship clients, who pay me a sizable chunk of change for my time and knowledge, the EXACT same time management principles that I was forced to learn about and integrate into my life many years ago.

In case you were wondering, here is a brief summary of the
benefits you'll receive from my system:

  • 7 practical steps within a tightly integrated system...
                                               ... You'll have an easy-to-follow time management blueprint.

  • A powerful mnemonic aid....
                                               ... You'll actually remember these key steps... easily!

  • Immediately applicable....
                                                ... You'll begin managing your time better BEFORE you finish reading this ebook... or even reach chapter 3!

  • Fast-acting quick relief...
                                               ... You may begin experiencing appreciable drops in your stress levels within 24 hours of comprehending the system.

  • Potent daily activity filters...
                                               ... You'll learn how to wisely leave some things undone at work and at home... with a clear conscience, and still see astronomical jumps in personal productivity!

  • A fun combination of pragmatic and entertaining lessons...
                                               ... You'll ENJOY reading (and rereading) this excellent material.

  • Repeatable and Replicable...
                                               ... You'll easily be able to teach these lessons to your colleagues, friends and family.

  • Creator-centric...
                                               ... You'll find it surprisingly easy to integrate your faith in God into this system to create a holistic solution to your needs.

  • Cross disciplinary...
                                               ... You'll learn a great deal about other subjects that you probably never associated with being relevant to your search for the core BENEFITS of TIME MANAGEMENT.

  • Profound...
                                               ... You'll peer deep inside yourself to determine the best personal framework for all your future time choices.

  • Crammed with exercises...
                                               ... You'll be able to work as quickly... or slowly - as your current schedule permits, yet each exercise within the ebook that you complete will bring you tangibly closer to bringing that same schedule under control!

  • Clear writing...
                                               ... You'll understand every single line of what you read, without having any deep, impractical theory or painful psychobabble thrown at you.

  • Immediately fruitful...
                                               ... You'll identify key areas for improvement in the way you now deal with time, and cheerfully discover that - surprise, surprise - you actually know what to start doing and stop doing within minutes of beginning to read the ebook!

That's a long list. Let me explain why so much has been intentionally incorporated into the system:

UNSHACKLED! 7 Ways to Make Time for MY Dreams is an ebook that contains the identical integrated time management system I continue to use in my own life AND in helping my consulting and mentoring clients.

It helps intelligent people who are simply overwhelmed with way too much to do in too little time.

Each of the 7 steps taught in UNSHACKLED  is useful in its own right. However, the real magic of this system is the synergy released when all 7 steps are integrated into a personally customised time management programme.

Furthermore, because of the unique way all 7 steps are taught, they're downright easy to remember! Think about it, this means you'll quickly evolve from the role of learner of this system to teacher. Imagine what that might do for your career and social standing!

Warning: This system should NOT be taught to those who like to expose themselves to new ideas but resist genuine internal improvement.

The system is ideal for those already experiencing some success in their lives, yet also know beyond all doubt that they're merely scratching the surface of their potential... if only they could lay their hands on the correct key to open up that seemingly impregnable door to super success.

Well, this ebook containing the system might become your key. If you let it...

UNSHACKLED! 7 Ways to Make Time for MY Dreams contains 7 chapters crammed with practical instructions and interesting lessons. Wisdom, old and new, has been widely drawn from sources as diverse as Helen Keller to Mother Teresa, Rick Warren to Robert Heinlein, Theodore Roosevelt to Daniel Goleman, Stephen Covey to Benjamin Franklin, Brian Tracy to Leonardo da Vinci, Victor Hugo to Winston Churchill.

You'd be hard-pressed to find another time management system that combines the nuts-and-bolts of fundamental time management teaching with the broader issues of living in our multi-dimensional 21st century. In UNSHACKLED  you'll learn time-relevant lessons drawn from... of all things, stellar phenomena like the formation of black holes, easily comprehend the direct relevance of the theoretical physicist's use of 'TIME's ARROW' to gain a handle on our universe, be challenged to mentally reverse your own temporal arrow in an outstanding goal-identifying exercise, be guided through a blueprint that utilises modern practices in adult teaching to maximise your mental retention of this material and so jumpstart immediate implementation, and be anchored in unshakeable truths that have stood the test of time drawn from deep-well sources like the Bible, while you also learn of the useful catharsis found in goal-centred journal writing. As part of that process of internal change, you'll learn how to become an inveterate list-maker!

On top of all that, you'll discover, once and for all, why it is that your New Year Resolutions each year have pretty much been embarrassing failures!

I have a lot more to say, but in case you're in a hurry to invest in your future success...


...then, to order UNSHACKLED! 7 Ways to Make Time for MY Dreams  immediately, please click the button below



Once you get it, UNSHACKLED will help you:

  • Carry out, entirely for yourself, time-related thought experiments.
  • Learn a 4-part stress reduction exercise, and in the process reduce work's contribution to your current risk of hypertension and premature cardiac failure.
  • Write extensively within selected sections of UNSHACKLED, thus producing a personalised long-term time management blueprint for your life.
  • Work through a 48-point guided To-Do list that will force you, despite possibly well-entrenched procrastinating tendencies, to extract maximum benefit from this potent 7-step system so the shackles of malicious 'time bandits' in your life will fall off and leave you liberated!

Please don't take my word for the value of this
Listen to what two people from opposite ends of the world have to say about this material and my work:


"The book helped me understand what's important, what's important now, and what's not important. I'm looking forward to being more effective."

Scott Friedman

Motivational Humorist
Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)
National Speakers Association President 2004-2005



"Most of the people I meet nowadays are very selfish. In contrast, despite being successful, Rajen Devadason is very down to earth and kind. His intention to help others through his writing, speaking and consulting is noble. I have learnt, and continue to learn, a lot from him - not just about planning but also about how to become a contributing member of the human race. I know my life will be better because of him."

Rajkumar Mohanan

Management Trainee/Technical Executive
Malaysia International Shipping Corporation (MISC)



With UNSHACKLED you'll receive at least 10 (more likely 50!) times your money's worth!

My elite mentoring clients pay thousands of dollars to buy my time. For a tiny, tiny fraction of that cost, you can get the distilled best time management knowledge I currently possess.

Of course, if you were instead to opt to hire me directly (calmly accepting two drawbacks: The 3-month waiting list for entry into my mentorship programme and the possible geographic inconvenience of your dealing with my base of operations being in sunny, peaceful Malaysia!), you'd have to pay at least 50 times more... for the same information.

So, in summary, should you decide that you want to invest in UNSHACKLED  for your long-term benefit, here's what you'll get:

To ensure you fully enjoy the BENEFITS of TIME MANAGEMENT, I have opted to provide you with six months FREE email consultation on time management issues.

This distance consulting package is currently valued at US$500, but because of the rising pressure on my time and because I wish to begin working fewer hours, that cost may be raised to US$1,000 soon. But whether it is or not, you get that valuable access to me for nothing because it will be bundled into your perks and privileges for investing in this truly unique time management system.

If you respond right away, you pay only $49 $37.

Act immediately and receive the following bonuses

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to help you make whatever decision is best for you. So, if you respond immediately, you'll receive the following:

Free bonus 1:

As mentioned... 6 months' email access to me for questions and consultation... worth US$500!

Free bonus 2:

Free permanent access to my growing online library of articles on time management, as well as on goal-setting and financial planning!

Free bonus 3:

The first 20 people who respond to this offer today will also receive time management pundit Robyn Pearce's great ebook How To Master Time in Only 90 Seconds.

Plus you can't lose with our 100%,
ironclad, moneyback guarantee

By the way, bonuses 2 and 3 are yours to keep... even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of my ironclad moneyback guarantee, which supersedes the standard 21-day money back guarantee on general products sold at this site. You see, I believe so passionately about the awesome value of the information packed into UNSHACKLED  that I'm NOT offering you a 21-day guarantee or even a 30-day, 60-day or 180-day guarantee.


Please feel free to take 1 FULL YEAR to examine and use my time management system contained within the digital pages of UNSHACKLED, which you'll be able to read directly on your computer, or print out and read at your desk at work or even in bed at home!

You have 366 days to put this valuable information to work in your own life and career!

So, test this awesome information for yourself... Try all 7 steps in whatever order suits you best! And watch in utter, joyous amazement as your life shifts into even higher gear!

I know that once you've used these strategies at work, home and play, you will NEVER want to send the ebook back. But, like I said, if you aren't satisfied for any reason with UNSHACKLED, or if it doesn't live up to your expectations in any way whatsoever, you won't lose one red cent.

Simply return my ebook to me,  and I'll refund your entire payment... right up to the final day of my 366-day guarantee!

If you think about it, you are in a no-lose situation. In essence, you don't have to decide now if this unique time management system is for you. Just get UNSHACKLED, read it, study it, and try it out.

Then, if UNSHACKLED! doesn't do EVERYTHING I say and MORE, if you don't save money, if your career doesn't improve through your firmer grasp of these 7 time management principles, or if your business doesn't pick up, or if your life doesn't genuinely GET BETTER; if you don't absolutely love UNSHACKLED and find yourself wanting to teach its concepts to your children as part of your intellectual legacy to them, just tell me!

I'll give you your money back!

So, if you'd like to...

...here's how to order right now (and in the process learn why it is that the strange sounding mnemonic DRILL NUT plays a major role in accurately comprehending 8 outstanding benefits of this unique system)!

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(Just in case you have any difficulty placing your order, you're welcome to write directly to me at: support@RajenDevadason.com )


Here's to your abiding, escalating success,

Rajen Devadason
CEO RD Book Projects

P.S. Without these 7 key steps to time mastery, my life today would be vastly different. I wish you the same success... and more!

P.P.S. The trouble is that without structured guidance in the realm of time management most of us run a dangerously high risk of inadvertently filling our lives with insipid, pointless acts that, over the decades, won't add up to anything significant. The reason I stand so firmly behind UNSHACKLED! is simple: I know firsthand the value of this information. I've seen, close-up, the effect it's had helping those most eager to help themselves. I know you're such a person... no one else would have read so far!

P.P.P.S. Because you've read right till the end, I know that you and I share at least some basic similarities. As I've written in UNSHACKLED, "We both yearn after the knowledge that our lives will count for something awesome, something bigger than ourselves." Perhaps the greatest advantage of learning these 7 steps then is the greater chance of leaving an abiding legacy of love, success and pleasant memories of a parent who MADE time for his or her kids! Do let me know what you think? Bye for now.

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