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1. Do you often feel as though you're doing OK, but not really as well as you know you could?
2. Do you wish some way could be found to rapidly add clarity, definition, excitement and focus to your daily schedule?
3. Do you dream of one day making it big?
If you answered YES to any of those three questions, then you will want to learn one effective way of injecting high PURPOSE into your life through the wonderfully liberating power of goal-setting.
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UNLEASHED! The Small Guide to Achieving WHACKING GREAT BIG Goals
"I highly and unreservedly recommend to anyone who wants to achieve all his or her goals to read this simple, yet profound, ebook by Rajen Devadason who has blazed a path to success with such simplicity that it confounds the mind! You will be astounded at how simple yet effective this book can be if you are prepared to implement the basic precepts."
Dr. Christopher Shun CFP®
Group Deputy Managing Director
Menang Corporation (M) Berhad          
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

So, how exactly might UNLEASHED help YOU?
In SEVEN ways:
1. Construct a list of personal values that define who you are deep down inside

2. Identify your bad, limiting habits

3. Navigate the process of replacing your current (soon to be ‘old’) bad habits with new, good ones

4. Weave those great new habits with threads formed by at least 10 new, challenging goals

5. Define those goals in a structured form that meets your subconscious mind’s guidelines for the acceptance of instructions

6. Embark upon a long-term programme of reflection and incremental lifestyle and personal improvement

7. Unleash a better, happier, more confident YOU out into the world!
You can easily finish reading this ebook, for the first time, inside 45 minutes. But the value of what you learn – if you apply it diligently – will serve you well for the rest of your life.
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